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Statute of Artificers 1562

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The Statute of Artificers 1562 or the Artificers and Apprentices Act 1562 (5 Eliz. 1. c. 4) was an Act of Parliament of England, under Queen Elizabeth I, which sought to fix prices, impose maximum wages, restrict workers' freedom of movement and regulate training. The causes of the measures were short-term labour shortages due to mortality from epidemic disease, as well as, inflation, poverty, and general social disorder.[1] Local magistrates had responsibility for regulating wages in agriculture. Guilds regulated wages of the urban trades. Effectively, it transferred to the newly forming English state the functions previously held by the feudal craft guilds.[2] The measure sought to make agriculture a trade and a national priority of employment.[3]

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Statute of Artificers 1562
Act of Parliament
Long titleAn Act containing divers Orders for Artificers, Labourers, Servants of Husbandry, and Apprentices.
Citation5 Eliz. 1. c. 4
Other legislation
Repealed byConspiracy and Protection of Property Act 1875
Status: Repealed