Stefan the First-Crowned

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Stefan Nemanjić (Serbian Cyrillic: Стефан Немањић, pronounced [stêfaːn němaɲitɕ]), or Stephen the First-Crowned (Serbian: Стефан Првовенчани / Stefan Prvovenčani, pronounced [stêfaːn prʋoʋěntʃaːniː]; c.1165 – 24 September 1228), was the Grand Prince of Serbia from 1196 and the King of Serbia from 1217 until his death in 1228. He was the first Rascian king; due to his transformation of the Serbian Grand Principality into the Kingdom of Serbia and the assistance he provided his brother Saint Sava in establishing the Serbian Orthodox Church, he is regarded one of the most important members of the Nemanjić dynasty.[1][2][3][4]

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Stefan Nemanjić
Стефан Немањић
Fresco of Stefan the First-Crowned from Mileševa Monastery
Stefan the First-Crowned
Bornaround 1165
Died(1228-09-24)24 September 1228
Venerated inEastern Orthodox Church
AttributesChurch Builder
Grand Prince of Serbia
Coronation1217 (as king)
PredecessorStefan Nemanja
SuccessorStefan Radoslav
SpouseEudokia Angelina
Anna Dandolo
IssueStefan Radoslav
Stefan Vladislav
Stefan Uroš I
Sava II
HouseNemanjić dynasty
FatherStefan Nemanja
ReligionSerbian Orthodox