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Submarine Boat Company

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Submarine Boat Company's SS Suwordenco as SS Admiral Halstead
Transmarine Lines New York State Canal Tug No. 1 in Buffalo, New York Harbor in 1922.
Transmarine Lines route in 1923

Submarine Boat Company (Submarine Boat Corporation) was a large-scale World War I ship manufacturing shipyard, located at Newark, New Jersey's Port of Newark. Submarine Boat Company operated as a subsidiary of the Electric Boat Company, now General Dynamics Electric Boat. Submarine Boat Company was founded in April 1915 to meet the demand for ships for World War I. Submarine Boat Corporation built the Design 1023 ships, this was a steel-hulled cargo ship. Submarine Boat Company built merchant cargo ships from 1917 to 1922. Submarine Boat Company was to able to complete ships quickly as they had other shipyards prefabricate about 80% of the hull. Submarine Boat Company worked with: Merchant Shipbuilding Corporation in Bristol, Pennsylvania, and American International Shipbuilding, in Hog Island, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During World War I, at its peak, the shipbuilding the company employed 25,000 people. The Submarine Boat Company received a 150 shipbuilding contract from the United States Shipping Board (USSB)'s Emergency Fleet Corporation, and 118 ships were completed before the contract was canceled. Submarine Boat Company built and sold the last 32 ships on their own for the Transmarine shipping line.[1] After the war in 1920, Submarine Boat built 30 206-ton barges for Transmarine. With no more contracts, the shipyard closed in 1922 and the company went into receivership in 1929. For World War II the shipyard was reopened by Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock Company. Federal Shipbuilding operated its main shipyard 2.8 miles (4.5 km) north of the Submarine Boat Company shipyard, where Uncommon Carrier Inc. in Kearny, New Jersey is now located. The location of the former Submarine Boat Company shipyard is at the Toyota Logistics Services Inc. automobile terminal, 390 E. Port Street, Newark, just south of Interstate 78.[2][3] Notable ships: SS Mopang, SS Admiral Halstead, SS Coast Trader and SS Coast Farmer.

While Submarine Boat Company ended shipbuilding in 1922, due to its good working with steel, in 1923 it received a construction contract from the Newton Amusement Corporation to build a 1,000-seat stadium theater. Submarine Boat Company supplied 50 tons of steel columns. This was the last project before closing.[4][5]

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