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Synchronized swimming

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Synchronized swimming (in British English, synchronised swimming) or artistic swimming is a sport where swimmers perform a synchronized choreographed routine, accompanied by music. The sport is governed internationally by FINA (the Fédération internationale de natation or International Swimming Federation). It is traditionally a women's sport, although FINA introduced a new mixed gender duet competition that included one male swimmer in each duet at the 2015 World Aquatics Championships and LEN introduced men's individual events at the 2022 European Aquatics Championships.

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Synchronized swimming
Czech synchronized swimming team performing a free routine combination in 2013
Highest governing bodyFédération internationale de natation (FINA)
VenueSwimming pool

Synchronised swimming has been part of the Summer Olympics program since 1984 and now features women's duet and team events. On instruction of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), FINA renamed the sport from "synchronized swimming" to "artistic swimming" in 2017—a decision that has faced controversy.[1]