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System 6 (or System Software 6) is a graphical user interface-based operating system for Macintosh computers, made by Apple Computer It was released in 1988, and is part of the classic Mac OS series. It is a monolithic operating system, with cooperative multitasking based on an improved MultiFinder. The boxed version cost US$49 (equivalent to about $110 in 2021), and it was included with all new Macintosh computers until 1991, when it was succeeded by System 7.[2]

Quick facts: Developer, OS family, Source model, Released ...
System 6
Version of the classic Mac OS operating system
System 6.0.8
DeveloperApple Computer
OS familyMacintosh
Source modelClosed source
Released to
April 1988; 34 years ago (1988-04)
Latest release6.0.8 / May 1991; 31 years ago (1991-05)[1]
Kernel typeMonolithic
Preceded bySystem 5
Succeeded bySystem 7
Support status
Historical, unsupported