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The TK-80 (μCOM Training Kit TK-80) was an 8080-based single-board computer kit developed by Nippon Electric Company (NEC) in 1976. It was originally developed for engineers who considered using the μCOM-80 family in their product. It was successful among hobbyists in late 1970s in Japan, due to its reasonable price and an expensive computer terminal not being required.

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TK-80 (assembled)
DeveloperTomio Goto, Akira Kato[1]
TypeSingle-board computer
Release dateAugust 3, 1976; 47 years ago (1976-08-03)[2]
Introductory price¥88,500
(equivalent to ¥151,735 in 2019)
Units sold17,000 (As of October 1977)
26,000 (As of October 1978)[3]
CPUNEC μPD8080A 2.048 MHz
MemoryROM 768 bytesRAM 512 bytes
Display8 hexadecimal digits; 7-segment display
Input25 keys
Connectivity110 bps Serial I/O, 3 × 8 bits Parallel I/O
PowerDC +5V 1.0 A, +12V 0.15 A
Dimensions310(W) × 180(D) mm
SuccessorPC-8000 series