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JOEX-DTV (channel 5), branded as TV Asahi (テレビ朝日, Terebi Asahi) (also known as EX and Tele-Asa[lower-alpha 1] and stylized as TV asahi), is a television station owned and operated by the TV Asahi Corporation[lower-alpha 2] subsidiary of certified broadcasting holding company TV Asahi Holdings Corporation[lower-alpha 3], itself controlled by The Asahi Shimbun Company. Its studios are located in Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo. TV Asahi is one of the ''five private broadcasters based in Tokyo''.

TV Asahi "Channel 10" old logo, used 1977-1996
View of TV Asahi headquarters since 2003
Quick facts: Native name, Romanized name, Formerly, Type, ...
TV Asahi Holdings Corporation
Native name
Kabushiki-gaisha Terebi Asahi Hōrudingusu
FormerlyNihon Educational Television Co., Ltd.
Asahi National Broadcasting Co. Ltd.
TypePublic (Kabushiki gaisha)
TYO: 9409
FoundedTokyo, Japan (November 1, 1957; 65 years ago (1957-11-01))
Headquarters6-9-1 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Key people
  • Hiroshi Hayakawa
  • (Chairman and CEO)
  • Shinichi Yoshida
  • (President )
  • Masaya Fujinoki
  • (Senior Executive Director)
  • Toru Takeda
  • (Senior Executive Director)
ServicesTelevision broadcasting
  • Decrease JP¥264,557 million (FY 2021)
  • JP¥293,638 million (FY 2020)
  • Increase JP¥14,413 million (FY 2021)
  • JP¥12,565 million (FY 2020)
  • Decrease JP¥12,600 million (FY 2021)
  • JP¥26,398 million (FY 2020)
Total assets
  • Increase JP¥473,739 million (FY 2021)
  • JP¥447,549 million (FY 2020)
Total equity
  • Increase JP¥376,105 million (FY 2021)
  • JP¥352,518 million (FY 2020)
OwnerThe Asahi Shimbun Company (24.72%)
Toei (16.09%)
Murayama family (co-owner of Asahi Shimbun; 5% through Kosetsu Museum of Art)
Mizuho Trust & Banking (4.01% through Trust & Custody Services Bank)
Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting (3.2%)
Recruit (2.09%)
State Street BTC of Japan (2.02%)
The Asahi Shimbun Foundation (2%)
Northern Trust (1.92%)
The Master Trust Bank of Japan (1.77%)
Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (1.43%)
Dentsu (1.31%)
ANA Holdings (0.20%)
Number of employees
  • Decrease 5,229 (FY 2021)
  • 5,332 (FY 2020)
ParentAsahi Shimbun (24.83%)
SubsidiariesTV Asahi Corporation
CS 110 Co., Ltd.
Flex Co., Ltd.
Japan Cable Television
Shin-Ei Animation
TV Asahi America Inc.
TV Asahi Music Co., Ltd.
TV Asahi Productions, Co., Ltd.
TV Asahi Service Co., Ltd.
Video Pack Nippon
New Japan Pro-Wrestling (10%)
Toei Company (11.3%)
Footnotes / references
Non-financial data from Corporate Profile. Financial data listed here are from the archive copy of TV Asahi's 2021 Financial Report
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Brandingtv asahi
AffiliationsAll-Nippon News Network
OwnerTV Asahi Corporation
BS Asahi
Tele Asa Channel 1
Tele Asa Channel 2
FoundedNovember 1, 1957; 65 years ago (1957-11-01)
First air date
February 1, 1959; 64 years ago (1959-02-01)
Former channel number(s)
Analog: 10 (1959-2011)
JOEX-TV (1959-2011)
Call sign meaning
Original Free-to-Air
Educational TV Station
X (10, former channel assignment)
Technical information
Licensing authority
Power10 kW
ERP68 kW
Transmitter coordinates35°39′31″N 139°44′44″E
Translator(s)Hachiōji, Tokyo
Analog: Channel 45

Tama, Tokyo
Analog: Channel 57
Chichi-jima, Ogasawara Islands
Analog: Channel 59
Mito, Ibaraki
Analog: Channel 36
Digital: Channel 17
Hitachi, Ibaraki
Analog: Channel 60
Utsunomiya, Tochigi
Analog: Channel 41
Digital: Channel 17
Maebashi, Gunma
Analog: Channel 60
Digital: Channel 43
Chichibu, Saitama
Analog: Channel 38
Narita, Chiba
Analog: Channel 59
Tateyama, Chiba
Analog: Channel 60
Yokohama Minato Mirai 21, Kanagawa
Analog: Channel 60
Yokosuka-Kurihama, Kanagawa
Analog: Channel 35
Hiratsuka, Kanagawa
Analog: Channel 41
Digital: Channel 24
Kitadaitō, Okinawa
Analog: Channel 48

Minami Daito, Okinawa
Analog: Channel 60
Corporate information
Native name
Kabushiki-gaisha Terebi Asahi
TypeKabushiki gaisha
FoundedTokyo, Japan (October 15, 2013; 9 years ago (2013-10-15))
Headquarters6-9-1 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Key people
ServicesTelevision broadcasting
RevenueIncrease¥267,928 million (2014)
Increase¥267,928 million (2014)
Increase¥11,678 (2014)
Total assetsIncrease¥317,239 million (2014)
Number of employees
4,021 (as of March 31, 2014)
ParentTV Asahi Holdings Corporation
SubsidiariesTV Asahi ASK Co., Ltd.
Shinei Video
TV Asahi Video Co., Ltd.
NJPW World
Telasa (50%)