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Tartu County

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Tartu County (Estonian: Tartu maakond or Tartumaa) is one of 15 counties of Estonia.

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Tartu County
Country Estonia
Capital Tartu
  GovernorReno Laidre (as of 29 February 2016)
  Total2,992.75 km2 (1,155.51 sq mi)
  Density53/km2 (140/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeEE-79
Vehicle registrationT

It is located in eastern Estonia bordering Põlva County, Valga County, Viljandi County and Jõgeva County.

The area of Tartu County is 2,992.74 km2 (1,155.50 sq mi), which covers 6.9% of the territory of Estonia. In 2022 Tartu County had a population of 157,758 – constituting 11.9% of the total population in Estonia.[1] The city of Tartu is the centre of the county located at a distance of 186 km (116 mi) from Tallinn. Tartu County is divided into 8 local governments – 1 urban and 7 rural municipalities.