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Tegra is a system on a chip (SoC) series developed by Nvidia for mobile devices such as smartphones, personal digital assistants, and mobile Internet devices. The Tegra integrates an ARM architecture central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU), northbridge, southbridge, and memory controller onto one package. Early Tegra SoCs are designed as efficient multimedia processors. The Tegra-line evolved to emphasize performance for gaming and machine learning applications without sacrificing power efficiency, before taking a drastic shift in direction towards platforms that provide vehicular automation with the applied "Drive" brand name on reference boards and its semiconductors; and with the "Jetson" brand name for boards adequate for AI applications within e.g. robots or drones, and for various smart high level automation purposes.

NVIDIA Tegra T20 (Tegra 2) and T30 (Tegra 3) chips
A Tegra X1 inside a Shield TV