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The New Republic is an American magazine of commentary on politics, contemporary culture, and the arts. Founded in 1914 by several leaders of the progressive movement, it attempted to find a balance between "a liberalism centered in humanitarian and moral passion and one based in an ethos of scientific analysis".[3] Through the 1980s and 1990s, the magazine incorporated elements of the Third Way and conservatism.[4][page needed]

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The New Republic
The New Republic cover of February 11, 2013
Editor-in-chiefWin McCormack[1]
EditorMichael Tomasky
CategoriesEditorial magazine
Frequency10 per year
PublisherMichael Caruso
Total circulation
First issueNovember 7, 1914
CountryUnited States
Based inNew York City
LanguageEnglish Edit this at Wikidata
ISSN0028-6583 (print)
2169-2416 (web)

In 2014, two years after Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes purchased the magazine, he ousted its editor and attempted to remake its format, operations, and partisan stances, provoking the resignation of the majority of its editors and writers. In early 2016, Hughes announced he was putting the magazine up for sale, indicating the need for "new vision and leadership".[5][6] The magazine was sold in February 2016 to Win McCormack, under whom the publication has returned to a more progressive stance.[7][8] A weekly or near-weekly for most of its history, the magazine currently publishes ten issues per year.