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Toyen (born Marie Čermínová; 21 September 1902 – 9 November 1980), was a Czech painter, drafter, and illustrator and a member of the surrealist movement.

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Toyen in 1930
Marie Čermínová

(1902-09-21)21 September 1902
Died9 November 1980(1980-11-09) (aged 78)
Paris, France
Resting placeBatignolles Cemetery, Paris, France
EducationAcademy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
PartnerJindřich Štyrský
Toyen with Karel Teige in 1925

In 1923, the artist adopted the professional pseudonym Toyen. The name Toyen has been suggested to be derived from the French word 'citoyen,' meaning citizen, but it has also been proposed to be a play on the Czech expression ‘to je on’ (‘it is he’).[1][2][3] Toyen favored the gender-neutral name and would speak Czech in the masculine singular form.[4] Vítězslav Nezval wrote that Toyen "refused... to use the feminine endings" when speaking in the first person.[5]