Treaty of London (1518)

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The Treaty of London in 1518 was a non-aggression pact between the major European states. The signatories were Burgundy, France, England, the Holy Roman Empire, the Netherlands, the Papal States and Spain, all of whom agreed not to attack one another and to come to the aid of any that were under attack.[1][2]

Cardinal Wolsey, the principal designer of the Treaty of London (1518)

The treaty was designed by Cardinal Wolsey and so came to be signed by the ambassadors of the nations concerned in London.[3] Pope Leo X originally called for a five-year peace while the monarchs of Europe helped him fight back the rising power of the Ottoman Empire, which was encroaching into the Balkans.[2] Wolsey was very keen on instead making lasting peace and persuaded Henry VIII to avoid war and to take a more diplomatic route in foreign affairs.