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Trifoliate orange

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The trifoliate orange, Citrus trifoliata or Poncirus trifoliata, is a member of the family Rutaceae. Whether the trifoliate oranges should be considered to belong to their own genus, Poncirus, or be included in the genus Citrus is debated. The species is unusual among citrus for having deciduous, compound leaves and pubescent (downy) fruit.[2][3]

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Trifoliate orange
Citrus trifoliata or Poncirus trifoliata (syn.)
A fruiting tree in Jardin des Plantes, Paris
Scientific classification
C. trifoliata
Binomial name
Citrus trifoliata
  • Aegle sepiaria DC.
  • Bilacus trifoliata (L.) Kuntze
  • Citrus trifolia Thunb.
  • Citrus triptera Desf.
  • Pseudaegle sepiaria (DC.) Miq.
  • Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf

It is native to northern China and Korea, and is also known as the Japanese bitter-orange,[4] hardy orange[5] or Chinese bitter orange.

The plant is a fairly cold-hardy citrus (USDA zone 6) and will tolerate moderate frost and snow, making a large shrub or small tree 4–8 m (13–26 ft) tall. Because of its relative hardiness, citrus grafted onto Citrus trifoliata are usually hardier than when grown on their own roots.[6]