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Triton (mythology)

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Triton (/ˈtrtɒn/; Greek: Τρίτων, translit. Trítōn) is a Greek god of the sea, the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, god and goddess of the sea respectively. Triton lived with his parents in a golden palace on the bottom of the sea. Later he is often depicted as having a conch shell he would blow like a trumpet.[citation needed]

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Attic black-figure hydria, depicting Triton fought by Heracles.
SymbolConch shell
Personal information
ParentsPoseidon and Amphitrite
SiblingsRhodos, Benthesikyme, Kymopoleia
ChildrenTriteia, Pallas, Calliste

Triton is usually represented as a merman, with the upper body of a human and the tailed lower body of a fish. At some time during the Greek and Roman era, Triton(s) became a generic term for a merman (mermen) in art and literature. In English literature, Triton is portrayed as the messenger or herald for the god Poseidon.

Triton of Lake Tritonis of ancient Libya is a namesake mythical figure that appeared and aided the Argonauts. Moreover, according to Apollonius Rhodius, he married the Oceanid of said region, Libya.

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