Un chant d'amour

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Un chant d'amour (French pronunciation: [œ̃ ʃɑ̃ damuʁ]; English: A Song of Love) is French writer Jean Genet's only film, which he directed in 1950.[1] Because of its explicit (though artistically presented) homosexual content, the 26-minute movie was long banned.

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Un chant d'amour
2003 Region 2 DVD (BFI)
Directed byJean Genet
Written byJean Genet
Produced byNico Papatakis
André Reybaz
CinematographyJean Cocteau
Music byGavin Bryars (1973)
Patrick Nunn (1996)
Simon Fisher-Turner (2003)
Distributed byConnoisseur Video
Release date
Running time
26 minutes
LanguageNo dialogue