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I do image restoration, taking an old image with flaws that make it unusable, and carefully fixing it back into a useful image. For example:
Table info: BEFORE, AFTER...
It requires careful work and attention to detail, and a willingness to spend a few hours removing individual dust spots with the healing brush, because you care about helping to share knowledge, and this is the best way to provide illustrations of that. My 611.5 restorations currently make up about 8.2% of all featured pictures on English Wikipedia, and you'd be surprised at just how much code I put in to keeping that as up to date as possible.

Fun fact, by the way: See those empty borders on images? They are the absolute worst, because the slightest discolouration will be incredibly visible. On some images, I've spent three times the effort on the bits no-one pays attention to... unless you don't spend that effort.