Vehicle registration plates of Bulgaria

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Standard Bulgarian vehicle registration plates display black glyphs (alphanumeric characters) on a white background, together with – on the left-hand side of the plate – a blue vertical "EU strip" showing the flag of Europe (or, for older-registered cars, the flag of Bulgaria) and, below it, the country code for Bulgaria: BG.

A contemporary Bulgarian vehicle registration plate as used on a privately owned vehicle

The characters displayed in the main field of the plate are:

  • a one- or two-letter province code
  • four numerals
  • a final two-letter code, known as the "series".

The format is thus XX NNNN YY, where XX (or X) is the province code, NNNN is the serial number, and YY is the series. Since 1992, only glyphs that are common to both the Cyrillic and the Latin alphabets have been used on Bulgarian plates.[1]