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Verbena Tragica

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Verbena Trágica (Tragic Festival, also known as Block Party) is a 1939 film directed by Charles Lamont. The film was made in 1938 in the Spanish language only, unusual for the time but most likely due to the film's themes of adultery and revenge.[1]

Quick facts: Verbena Tragica, Directed by, Written by, Pro...
Verbena Tragica
Directed byCharles Lamont
Written byJean Bart
Miguel de Zárraga
Produced byJaime del Amo
StarringFernando Soler
Luana Alcañiz
Juan Torena
Pilar Arcos
Cecilia Callejo
Romualdo Tirado
Carlos Villarías
Danton Ferrero
Release date
Running time
75 min.

In 1996, the film was deemed to be "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the United States Library of Congress and selected for the National Film Registry.[2][3]

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