Vir Singh Deo

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Vir Singh Deo, also known as Bir Singh Dev, was a Bundela Rajput chief and the ruler of the kingdom of Orchha. He was a vassal of the Mughal Empire.[1] and ruled between 1605 and either 1626[2] or 1627.[3] Vir Singh Deo assassinated Abul Fazl who was returning from Deccan in a plot contrived by the Mughal Prince Salim.[4] He is also credited to have built the Jhansi Fort.

Quick facts: Vir Singh Deo, Reign, Predecessor, Successor,...
Vir Singh Deo
Raja of Orchha
PredecessorRam Shah
SuccessorJhujhar Singh
HouseBundela Rajput
Vir Singh Deo ki Chhatri, Orchha
The Royal Chhatris of Orchha

Deo was among the Rajput rulers of his era who sponsored temples in the Brajmandal area that comprised Vrindavan and Mathura.[5] In addition, the Phool Bagh gardens, and the Lakshmi temple were all built by Deo.[citation needed] His mausoleum is located in Orchha, and features both Hindu and Mughal architecture.[citation needed]

Vir Singh Deo was succeeded by Jhujhar Singh, the first-born son of the senior of his three queens.[6]

Deo was patron to the poet Keshavdas, who wrote the 1607 hagiographic work Virsimdevcarit (Deeds of Vir Singh Deo).[7]