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Visual J++ is Microsoft's discontinued implementation of Java. Syntax, keywords, and grammatical conventions were the same as Java's. It was introduced in 1996[1] and discontinued in January 2004,[2] replaced to a certain extent by J# and C#.

The implementation, MSJVM, did not pass Sun Microsystems' compliance tests leading to a lawsuit from Sun, Java's creator. Microsoft ceased such support for the MSJVM on December 31, 2007 (later Oracle bought Sun, and with it Java and its trademarks). Microsoft however, officially started distributing Java again in 2021 (though not bundled with Windows or its web browsers as before), i.e. their build of Oracle's OpenJDK,[3] which Microsoft plans to support for at least 6 years, for LTS versions, i.e. to September 2027 for Java 17.

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