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Wentian module

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Wentian (simplified Chinese: 问天; traditional Chinese: 問天; pinyin: Wèn Tiān; lit. 'Quest for the Heavens[5]'), officially the Wentian laboratory cabin module (simplified Chinese: 问天实验舱; traditional Chinese: 問天實驗艙), is a major module of the Tiangong space station. It is the first Laboratory Cabin Module launched, and the first module to extend the existing Tianhe core module of the station. It was launched into orbit from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site on 24 July 2022,[1] successfully docking with Tianhe forward port at 19:13 UTC on the same day.[4] On 25 July 2022 at 02:03 UTC, the crew of Shenzhou 14 opened the hatch and entered the module for the first time.

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Rendering of Wentian lab module
Module statistics
COSPAR ID2022-085A
Part ofTiangong space station
Launch date24 July 2022, 06:22:32 UTC[1]
Launch vehicleLong March 5B (Y3)
  • ~22,000 kg (49,000 lb) in orbit
  • At launch: ~23,200 kg (51,100 lb)[2]
  • Dry mass: 21,650 kg (47,730 lb)
Length17.9 m (59 ft)
Diameter4.2 m (14 ft)
Pressurised volume118m3[3]
habitable: 39m3[3]
Docking with Tiangong space station
Docking portTianhe Forward
Docking date24 July 2022, 19:13 UTC[4]
Undocking date30 September 2022, ~03:44 UTC
Time docked2 months and 5 days
Berthing at Tiangong space station
Berthing portTianhe Starboard
Berthing date30 September 2022, 04:44 UTC
Time berthed11 months and 26 days
Launch of Wentian

Wentian was later relocated to the starboard port on 30 September 2022 at 04:44 UTC[6] by the indexing robot arm to make way for the Mengtian module.