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Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler — also spelled Schuessler, particularly in English-language publications — (21 August 1821 – 30 March 1898) was a German medical doctor in Oldenburg who searched for natural remedies and published the results of his experiments in a German homeopathic journal in March 1873, leading to a list of 12 so-called "biochemic cell salts" that remain popular in alternative medicine.[1] Although he was firmly within the homeopathy movement of his day, the modern definition of homeopathy tends to exclude his concept of homeopathic potency,[2] which favoured remedies which, while very dilute, still retained small amounts of the original salt.

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Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler
Born21 August 1821
Died30 March 1898 (aged 77)
Occupation(s)medical doctor and naturopath
Known forbiochemic cell salt research