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A windmill is a structure that converts wind power into rotational energy using vanes called sails or blades, by tradition specifically to mill grain (gristmills), but the term has also been extended to encompass windpumps, wind turbines, and other applications, in some parts of the English-speaking world. The term wind engine is sometimes used to describe such devices.[1][failed verification]

The windmills at Kinderdijk in the village of Kinderdijk, Netherlands is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Windmills were used throughout the high medieval and early modern periods; the horizontal or panemone windmill first appeared in Persia during the 9th century, and the vertical windmill first appeared in northwestern Europe in the 12th century.[2][3] Regarded as an icon of Dutch culture,[4] there are approximately 1,000 windmills in the Netherlands today.[5]