Yunus Emre

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Yunus Emre (Turkish pronunciation: [jūˈnus emˈɾe]) also known as Derviş Yûnus (Yûnus the Dervish) (1238–1328) (Old Anatolian Turkish: يونس امره) was a Turkish folk poet and Sufi who greatly influenced Turkish culture. He wrote in Old Anatolian Turkish. His name, Yûnus, is the Arabic equivalent to the English name Jonah. The UNESCO General Conference unanimously passed a resolution declaring 1991 the 750th anniversary of the poet's birth, International Yunus Emre Year.[3]

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Yûnus Emre
يونس امره
Statue of Yûnus Emre in Karaman, Turkey
Yunusemre (formerly Saru), Ottoman Beylik, now Turkey
ReligionSunni Islam
EraAnatolian Beyliks
Known forSufism, Diwan in Old Anatolian Turkish
Senior posting
Period in office13th and 14th century