Zamindars of Kanihati

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The Zamindars of Kanihati (Bengali: কানিহাটির জমিদার), also known as the Chaudhury family of Kanihati (Bengali: কানিহাটির চৌধুরী বংশ), are a notable zamindar family of the Sylhet region. The family was started with the marriage of a Tripuri princess with Abd al-Malik, the son of Shah Halim ad-Din Narnauli - an Arab Sufi saint and companion of Shah Jalal.[1] The title of Chowdhury was used by the family after it was granted to Nasir ad-Din by the Mughal Empire.

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Zamindars of Kanihati
Current regionKanihati, Kulaura, Moulvibazar District, Bangladesh
Earlier spellingsChowdhury
Etymologyholder of four
Place of originKanihati
FounderShah Halim ad-Din Narnauli
MembersAbdul Muntaquim Chaudhury, Abed Chaudhury