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A zome is a building using geometries different from the typical house or building, which is normally one or a series of rectangular boxes.[1] The word "zome" was coined in 1968 by Steve Durkee, now known as Nooruddeen Durkee, combining the words dome and zonohedron.[citation needed] One of the earliest models became a large climbing structure at the Lama Foundation.[citation needed]

Zometool is a construction set toy manufactured by Zometool, Inc. According to the company, Zometool was primarily designed for kids.[2] Zometool has also been used in other fields including mathematics and physics.[2] For example, aperiodic tilings such as Penrose tilings can be modeled using Zometool.[3] Both the building and the learning tool are the brainchildren of inventor-designer Steve Baer, his wife Holly, and associates.

The term "Zome System" refers to the mathematics underlying the physical construction system.[citation needed]