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Avicennia is a genus of flowering plants currently placed in the bear's breeches family, Acanthaceae. It contains mangrove trees, which occur in the intertidal

Avicennia marina

Avicennia marina, commonly known as grey mangrove or white mangrove, is a species of mangrove tree classified in the plant family Acanthaceae (formerly

Avicennia officinalis

Avicennia officinalis is a species of mangrove also known as Indian mangrove. The young tree forms a low, dense bushy crown. When it matures, it forms

Khazanah Nasional

(9.5%) Avicennia Capital (100%) Sun Life Malaysia Assurance (49% owned by Avicennia Capital) Sun Life Malaysia Takaful (49% owned by Avicennia Capital)

Avicennia alba

Avicennia alba is a species of tropical mangrove in the family Acanthaceae. In the Malay language it is known as api api putih, "api" meaning "fire",