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Comparison of X window managers

version 0.65.0 follow the ICCCM standard, while 0.70 and later follow EWMH. "bspwm License". README in


well as lightweight window managers such as Openbox, Fluxbox, and dwm, bspwm, are also available to FreeBSD. As of FreeBSD 12, support for a modern graphics

List of Linux distributions

community-driven editions are available that use MATE, Cinnamon, Openbox, Awesome, i3, BSPWM, Budgie, or Deepin as a base. Parabola GNU/Linux-libre An Arch derivative

Tiling window manager

and it strives to be small, compact and fast. Formerly called "scrotwm". bspwm — a small tiling window manager that, similarly to chunkwm, represents windows

X window manager

dialect Xmonad - haskell StumpWM - Common Lisp GWM - "WOOL", a Lisp dialect Bspwm - C Comparison of X window managers Re-parenting window manager for a popular