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Hydrogenobacter thermophilus

discovery of H. thermophilus, it was thought that no obligate chemolithotrophic hydrogen oxidizing bacteria existed. Hydrogenobacter thermophilus is a straight


Hydrogenobacter is a genus of bacteria, one of the few in the phylum Aquificae. Type species is H. thermophilus. This genus belongs to Bacteria as opposed

Hydrogen oxidizing bacteria

See microbial metabolism (hydrogen oxidation). These bacteria include Hydrogenobacter thermophilus, Cupriavidus necator, Hydrogenovibrio marinus, and Helicobacter


2008 Hydrogenobacter Kawasumi et al. 1984 H. hydrogenophilus (Kryukov et al. 1984) Stöhr et al. 2001 H. subterraneus Takai et al. 2001 H. thermophilus Kawasumi

List of bacteria genera

Sphaerobacter Family Aquificaceae Genus Aquifex Genus Hydrogenivirga Genus Hydrogenobacter Genus Hydrogenobaculum Genus Thermocrinis Family Hydrogenothermaceae