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List of rulers of Wallachia

This is a list of rulers of Wallachia, from the first mention of a medieval polity situated between the Southern Carpathians and the Danube until the union

Lists of rulers of Egypt

Lists of rulers of Egypt: List of pharaohs (c. 3100 BC – 30 BC) List of governors of Roman Egypt (30 BC – AD 639) List of rulers of Islamic Egypt (640–1517)

List of rulers of India

For Lists of rulers of India, see: List of Indian monarchs (c. 1700 BC–1951) List of Indian presidents (1950–present) List of Prime Ministers of India

List of Tenochtitlan rulers

This is a list of the tlatoque of the pre-Columbian era altepetl of Tenochtitlan. List of Texcoco rulers List of Tlatelolco rulers Aztec emperors family

List of rulers of individual Emirates of the United Arab Emirates

This article lists the rulers of separate states on the territory of the United Arab Emirates, most of which became its Emirates. Throne vacant from August