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Weak measurement

disturbed by the measurement. In the literature weak measurements are also known as unsharp, fuzzy, dull, noisy, approximate, and gentle measurements. Additionally

Spekkens toy model

noncommutativity of measurements, teleportation, interference, the no-cloning and no-broadcasting theorems, and unsharp measurements. The toy model cannot

Gloss (optics)

can be degraded by appearing unsharp, or by appearing to be of low contrast. The former is characterised by the measurement of the distinctness-of-image

Effect algebra

introduced by D. Foulis and M. Bennett to serve as a framework for unsharp measurements in quantum mechanics. An effect algebra consists of an underlying

Quantum contextuality

(2005-05-31). "Contextuality for preparations, transformations, and unsharp measurements". Physical Review A. 71 (5): 052108. arXiv:quant-ph/0406166. Bibcode:2005PhRvA