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Projet:WikiMOOC/2017/Contenu/Vidéos et tutoriels

Une page de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.


Vidéo Type Durée estimée Durée réelle Présentation
Teaser teaser 2 min. x x
Introduction facecam 7 min. Valentin
1.1-A facecam 7 min.
1.1-B facecam 6 min.
1.1-C screencast 2 min.
1.2-A facecam 2 min. 30 Natacha
1.2-C facecam 4 min.
Anecdote S1 facecam 3 min. x x
2.1-A facecam 1 min. 30 Natacha
2.1-C facecam 1 min. 30
2.2-A facecam 5 min. 30 Habib
2.2-B facecam 6 min. 30
Anecdote S2 facecam 3 min. x x
3.1-A facecam 6 min. Habib
3.1-B facecam 4 min.
3.2-A facecam 5 min.
Anecdote S3 facecam 3 min. x x
4.1-A facecam 5 min. Natacha
4.1-B facecam 8 min.
4.1-C facecam 2 min.
5.1-A facecam 1 min. 30 Valentin
5.f-B facecam 6 min. Habib
5.f-C facecam 6 min. Natacha
Anecdote S5 facecam 3 min. x x
6.1 facecam 5 min. Valentin
6.2-B facecam 7 min.
6.2-C facecam 3 min.
Anecdote S6 facecam 3 min. x x
CCL facecam 2 min. Valentin
Total 76 min.

(sans teaser)


Tableau de validation

FF = Firefox

GT Windows/FF Ubuntu/FF MAC/FF Windows/Chrome Ubuntu/Chrome Mac/Chrome OS/Navigateur
1.1-D Fait OK. Jules Fait OK. Doique
1.2-B Fait OK. Doique
1.2-D Fait OK. Jules Fait OK. Jules Fait OK. Doique
1.2-E Fait OK. Doique
2.1-A Fait OK. Goombiis
3.2-B Fait OK. Jules
3.2-C Fait OK. Jules


Tiré d'ici.

If you want to make your own guided your, here are some maxims to consider.

  1. Choose a primary goal for the tour. What do you want users to learn by the end?
  2. Know who your audience is before you start, and what their goals and experiences are. What knowledge about a process do they have before starting your tour?
  3. Plot the necessary steps, focusing on the one action or key takeaway for each step. Less is more. The more steps in your tour, the more likely a user is to abandon your tour in the middle.
  4. Tours can be started via a link or button within a page, or automatically via a cookie. How you start a tour has a big impact on the potential for delivering tours that interrupt or annoy users, so choose carefully.
  5. Let the steps and their associated actions guide the design of the tour. For example, if you want users to edit as one step, pointing directly to the edit button is the obvious and efficient thing to do. A poor alternative would be to have a center-aligned window with an image and description of the edit tab. The strength of tooltip-based tours is that you can show users what to do, instead of simply describing it.
  6. Choose titles, body text, and images only after you have plotted all steps in your tour.

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Projet:WikiMOOC/2017/Contenu/Vidéos et tutoriels
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