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cultural region, ancient civilization, and nation in East Asia, mostly refer to the People's Republic of China in political situation, and rarely refer to the Republic of China / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

China (simplified Chinese: 中国; traditional Chinese: 中國 Pinyin: Zhōngguó) is a cultural region, an ancient civilization, and a nation in East Asia. The official name is People's Republic of China or PRC.

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People's Republic of China
  • 中华人民共和国
  • Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó
National Emblem of the People's Republic of China
National Emblem
  • ""
  • 义勇军进行曲
Area controlled by the People's Republic of China shown in dark green; claimed but uncontrolled regions shown in light green.
Area controlled by the People's Republic of China shown in dark green; claimed but uncontrolled regions shown in light green.
CapitalBeijing[lower-alpha 1]
39°55′N 116°23′E
Largest cityShanghai[1]
Official languagesStandard Chinese[2][lower-alpha 2]
Official written language
Vernacular Chinese
Simplified Chinese[2]
Ethnic groups
GovernmentSocialist, Single-party state[4]
Xi Jinping[lower-alpha 4]
Li Qiang
 Congress Chairman
Zhang Dejiang
 Conference Chairman
Yu Zhengsheng
 First-ranked Secretary of the Secretariat
Liu Yunshan
 Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission
Wang Qishan
 First Vice Premier
Zhang Gaoli
LegislatureNational People's Congress
 First Unification of China under the Qin Dynasty
221 BCE
1 January 1912
1 October 1949
9,596,961 km2 (3,705,407 sq mi)[lower-alpha 5] (3rd/4th)
 Water (%)
0.28%[lower-alpha 6]
 2016 estimate
1,403,500,365[9] (1st)
 2010[10] census
1,339,724,852[11] (1st)
139.6/km2 (361.6/sq mi) (83rd)
GDP (PPP)2019 estimate
$27.449 trillion[12] (1st)
 Per capita
$19,559[12] (79th)
GDP (nominal)2019 estimate
$15.543 trillion (IMF)[12]
$15.224 trillion (China NBS)[13][14] (2nd)
 Per capita
$11,074[12] (70th)
Gini (2015)46.2[15][16]
HDI (2017)Increase 0.752[17]
high · 86th
CurrencyRenminbi (yuan)(¥)[lower-alpha 7] (CNY)
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard Time)
Date format
Driving sideright[lower-alpha 8]
Calling code+86
ISO 3166 codeCN
Internet TLD
  • .cn
  • .中國
  • .中国
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Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

The last Chinese Civil War (19271949) resulted in two different political powers today:

China is one of the world's oldest civilizations: it has the oldest continuous civilization near the Yellow River region.[18] There is archaeological evidence over 5,000 years old.[19] China also has one of the world's oldest writing systems (and the oldest in use today). China has been the source of many major inventions.[19] Geographically, China’s longest river is the Yangtze River which runs through mega cities and is home to many species. It is the world’s third longest river.