Compass rose

figure on a compass, map, nautical chart, or monument used to display the orientation of the cardinal directions / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A compass rose is a drawing on a map that shows the cardinal directions.

Table info: Wind, Greek, Romant, Frankish...
Wind Greek Romant Frankish
NAparctias (ὰπαρκτίας)SeptentrioNordroni
NNEMeses (μέσης) or
Boreas (βoρέας)
NECaicias (καικίας)CaeciasOstnordroni
EApeliotes (ὰπηλιώτης)SubsolanusOstroni
SEEurus (εΰρος)VulturnusOstsundroni
SSEEuronotus (εὺρόνοtος)EuronotusSundostroni
SNotos (νόtος)AusterSundroni
SSWLibonotos (λιβόνοtος)Libonotus
or Austroafricus
SWLips (λίψ)AfricusVuestsundroni
WZephyrus (ζέφυρος)FavoniusVuestroni
NWArgestes (ὰργέστης)CorusVuestnordroni
NNWThrascias (θρασκίας)Thrascias or CirciusNordvuestroni
A compass rose showing the cardinal directions

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