Feature phone

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A feature phone or a dumbphone[1] is a type of mobile phone. The name "feature phone" usually means the phone cannot do things that a smartphone can do. Feature phones basically allow people to make phone calls and sent text messages, while a few may also be able to play multimedia and access the internet and other services offered by the user's wireless service provider.

Nokia 1100 (ca 2003); a typical feature phone.

Modern feature phones can have smartphone-like 3G connectivity, touchscreens, and access to popular social networking services. However, these phones do not support software made by other companies as much as smartphones—because of this, feature phones are also called dumb phones.[2][3]

People often buy feature phones as they are cheaper than smartphones, especially in emerging markets. In the past few years, however, phone makers have begun to make and sell cheap smartphones for sale in places where high-end smartphones are not popular.[4] As a result, as of 2015, feature phones are now considered very low quality products.[5]