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The term grandparent means the parents of a person's father or mother. Grandparents have always been important members of a family.[1] The role of a parent is often very different from the role of a grandparent. Parents are the providers and disciplinarians of their children.[1] Grandparents are often much freer to enjoy and have fun with their grandchildren.[1] A grandparent-grandchild relationship is usually much simpler than that of a parent and child.[1]

A grandson with his grandparents

The term 'grandparent' is used for both male and female genders. The male grandparent is called a grandfather. The female grandparent is a grandmother. When looking at the relationship from the point of view of the grandparent, the term grandchild is used. A grandchild is the child of a person's child. It can also be used based on gender. Grandchild is correct for either gender. Grandson is male. Granddaughter is female.

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