House of Hanover

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The House of Hanover began in the United Kingdom in 1714 on the death of the last Stuart monarch Anne.[1][2]

It began with George I and ended with Queen Victoria in 1901 in the United Kingdom.

It was still in use in other countries.

The monarchs of the British House of Hanover are as follows.

Table info: Name, Rule from, Rule to, Notes...
NameRule fromRule toNotes
George I of Great Britain17141727Ruler of Hanover since 1698
George II of Great Britain17271760
George III of the United Kingdom17601801as King of Great Britain and Elector of Hanover
18011820as King of the United Kingdom and King of Hanover[3]
George IV of the United Kingdom18201830
William IV of the United Kingdom18301837Never visited Hanover as King, left its government to his brother Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge as Viceroy
Victoria of the United Kingdom18371901

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