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Oskar Morgenstern

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Oskar Morgenstern
americký ekonóm
Narodenie24. január 1902
Görlitz, Nemecko
Úmrtie26. júl 1977 (75 rokov)
Princeton, New Jersey, USA)

Oskar Morgenstern (* 24. január 1902, Görlitz, Nemecko – † 26. júl 1977, Princeton, New Jersey, USA) bol americký ekonóm rakúskeho pôvodu, jeden zo zakladateľov teórie hier.


  • 1928 Wirtschaftsprognose: Eine Untersuchung ihrer Voraussetzungen und Möglichkeiten
  • 1934 Die Grenzen der Wirtschaftspolitik
  • 1935 The Time Moment in Value Theory
  • 1935 Perfect Foresight and Economic Equilibrium
  • 1936 Logistics and the Social Science
  • 1944 Theory of Games and Economic Behavior s Johnom von Neumannom
  • 1948 Demand Theory Reconsidered
  • 1949 Economics and the Theory of Games
  • 1950 On the Accuracy of Economic Observations
  • 1951 Prolegomena to a Theory of Organization
  • 1954 Experiment and Large-Scale Computation in Economics, Economic Activity Analysis
  • 1956 Generalization of the von Neumann Model of an Expanding Economy s J.G. Kemeym a G.L. Thompsonom, (Econometrica)
  • 1959 The Question of National Defense
  • 1970 Predictability of Stock Market Prices s C. W. J. Grangerom
  • 1972 Thirteen Critical Points in Contemporary Economic Theory
  • 1972 Descriptive, Predictive and Normative Theory (Kyklos)
  • 1976 Some Reflections on Utility, in Allais and Hagen (Hrsg.)
  • 1976 Collaborating with von Neumann
  • 1976 Mathematical Theories of Expanding and Contracting Economies s G. L. Thompsonom

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Oskar Morgenstern
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