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  • Carbon dioxide removal, a form of geoengineering
  • Call detail record, a record of a (billing) event produced by a telecommunication network element
  • Charging data record, a record of a (billing) event produced by a data network element in 3GPP networks
  • Climate Data Records, a time series of measurements of sufficient length, consistency, and continuity to determine climate variability and change
  • Committed data rate, in telecommunications, related to the committed information rate
  • Capacity Demand Reserve for Electricity & Power Networks
  • Channel-diverse routing
  • Convergent Digital Radio, a digital radio broadcasting standard in China


  • CD-R, 一种可刻录的光盘格式
  • CAR and CDR, 在Lisp语言中
  • CDR(档案格式), CorelDRAW私有的文件格式
  • .cdr, 此文件扩展名由Mac OS X上Disk Utility创建的ISO 9660格式的光盘镜像
  • Clock and data recovery, a method of synchronizing with serialized data received without a clock signal
  • Common Data Representation, a format used to represent data types during remote invocations on Common Object Request Broker Architecture


  • Commander, a naval rank
  • Commander (United States), a US naval military rank
  • Commander, a NASA Astronaut designation for the commander of a mission
  • Critical design review, a U.S. government design review in the engineering process


  • Center for the Development of Recycling, a recycling service organization at San Jose State University
  • Center for Decision Research, a research group at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business
  • Coalition for the Defence of the Republic, a Rwandan political party involved in the 1994 Genocide
  • Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, ("Comités de Defensa de la Revolución") in Cuba
  • Committee for the Defence of the Revolution (Ghana), see List of abbreviations in Ghana
  • Committee of the Regions, Comité des Régions, an EU organization
  • Council on Disaster Reduction, of the American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Council for Democratic Reform, a former military junta ruling Thailand
  • Romanian Democratic Convention, a former Romanian political alliance
  • County Donegal Railway, a railway that was under the auspices of the County Donegal Railways Joint Committee


  • Clinical data repository, a medical database system designed to provide a realtime summary of a patient's condition
  • Clinical Dementia Rating
  • 互补性决定区,为抗体和T细胞受体上可变区的一部分,为抗原与抗体接触的地方
  • 可录光碟(CDR Computerized Assessment System)
  • Challenge–dechallenge–rechallenge, a medical testing protocol
  • Common Drug Review, a process for making drug formulary listing recommendations by the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH)
  • Crude death rate, a demographic measure of the mortality rate
  • Cup-to-disc ratio, relation from cup to disc of the optic disc


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