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1870 United States census

Ninth U.S. national census; first to provide detailed demographic info on African Americans / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The United States census of 1870 was the ninth United States census. It was conducted by the Census Bureau from June 1, 1870, to August 23, 1871. The 1870 census was the first census to provide detailed information on the African American population, only five years after the culmination of the Civil War when slaves were granted freedom. The total population was 38,925,598 with a resident population of 38,558,371 individuals, a 22.6% increase from 1860.[1]

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1870 United States census

 1860 June 1, 1870 (1870-06-01) 1880 

General information
CountryUnited States
Total population38,925,598 (Increase 22.6%)
Most populous stateNew York
Least populous stateNevada

The 1870 census' population estimate was controversial, as many believed it underestimated the true population numbers, especially in New York and Pennsylvania.[2] This was the first census in which all 100 largest cities recorded populations of over 10,000. This was also the last federal census conducted using the US Marshal Service as enumerators.