1993 World Taekwondo Championships

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The 1993 World Taekwondo Championships were the 11th edition of the World Taekwondo Championships, and were held in New York City, United States from August 19 to August 21, 1993, with 669 athletes participating from 83 countries.[1][2]

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1993 World Taekwondo Championships
VenueMadison Square Garden
LocationUnited States New York City, United States
Dates19–23 August 1993
MenFlag_of_South_Korea_%281984%E2%80%931997%29.svg South Korea
WomenFlag_of_South_Korea_%281984%E2%80%931997%29.svg South Korea

The success of the 1993 World Championships was a determining factor in the IOC's decision to grant full medal status to Taekwondo for the 2000 Summer Olympics.[3]

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