2013 Middle East cold snap

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The 2013 Middle East cold snap, also referred to as Alexa,[2] refers to the winter storm that hit the Middle East region in December 2013, affecting Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, and Egypt.[3][4] The storm severely affected millions of poor and displaced people across the region, especially afflicting refugees from the Syrian civil war.[2][5]

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2013 Middle East cold snap
Animated of H500 during December 6–14, 2013 in the Middle East.
FormedDecember 11, 2013
DissipatedDecember 15, 2013
Areas affectedIsrael,Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey, northern Saudi Arabia
Snow-stranded automobiles in the Israeli settlement of Har Adar, December 2013

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