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22-Pistepirkko, (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈkɑkskytkɑks ˈpistepːirkːo]), is a Finnish popular music band formed in 1980. It was formed in a small rural village of Utajärvi in Northern Finland but moved to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, in 1985. The band now produces music in English, though at first their main language was Finnish.

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Background information
Also known asThe Others
OriginUtajärvi, Finland
GenresGarage rock, psychedelic rock
Years active1980—present
LabelsBone Voyage Recording Company
MembersP-K Keränen
Espe Haverinen
Asko Keränen

Their early albums were inspired by rock and roll and underground icons like Bo Diddley and The Sonics, but they have developed their unique sound by adding other influences to their music. Today they play an unconventional but distinctive mixture of pop, punk, rock and electronica, and achieved this fusion before artists such as Primal Scream or Beck popularized this kind of sound.

During 22-Pistepirkko's 2001 European tour, director Andreas Haaning Christiansen traveled with the band and shot a documentary, Sleep good, rock well, which was released on DVD in 2005.

The band broke up in 2015 [1] but later got back together, and released a new album in 2022, called "Kind Hearts Have a Run Run"