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Addiscombe Military Seminary

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The East India Company Military Seminary was a British military academy at Addiscombe, Surrey, in what is now the London Borough of Croydon. It opened in 1809 and closed in 1861. Its purpose was to train young officers to serve in the East India Company's own army in India.

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Addiscombe Military Seminary
East front of Addiscombe Place, the main building of Addiscombe Seminary, photographed c.1859. Cadets pose in the foreground. The inscription Non faciam vitio culpave minorem can be seen on the entablature
CountryFlag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
BranchFlag_of_the_British_Army.svg British Army
RoleArmy Officer Training
Garrison/HQAddiscombe, Surrey

The institution was formally known as the East India Company Military Seminary (a name the cadets always disliked) until 1855, when the name was changed to the East India Company Military College.[1][2] In 1858, when the college was taken over by the government, it was renamed the Royal India Military College. Colloquially, it was known as Addiscombe Seminary, Addiscombe College, or Addiscombe Military Academy.

The Seminary was a sister institution to the East India Company College in Hertfordshire, which trained civilian "writers" (clerks). In military terms it was a counterpart to the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich and the Royal Military College at Sandhurst.