Alfonso XI of Castile

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Alfonso XI (11 August 1311  26 March 1350), called the Avenger (el Justiciero), was King of Castile and León. He was the son of Ferdinand IV of Castile and his wife Constance of Portugal. Upon his father's death in 1312, several disputes ensued over who would hold regency, which were resolved in 1313.

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Alfonso XI
Detail of a contemporary depiction in the Book of the Coronation of the Kings of Castile (14th century)
King of Castile and León
Reign7 September 1312 – 26 March 1350
PredecessorFerdinand IV
Born13 August 1311
Salamanca, Kingdom of Castile
Died26 March 1350 (aged 38)
Gibraltar, Emirate of Granada
(m. 1325; ann. 1327)
(m. 1328)
among others...
HouseCastilian House of Ivrea
FatherFerdinand IV of Castile
MotherConstance of Portugal
ReligionRoman Catholicism
SignatureAlfonso XI's signature

Once Alfonso was declared an adult in 1325, he began a reign that would serve to strengthen royal power. His achievements include the victory in the Battle of Río Salado over Granadans and Marinids and the Castilian control over the Strait of Gibraltar.[citation needed]