Artillery loop

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The artillery loop[1] is a knot with a loop on the bight for non-critical purposes. The artillery loop must have the loop loaded or it will slip and contract easily. It is an inferior knot to the alpine butterfly knot,[2] possibly dangerously so, in that it can be yanked out of shape and turn into a running knot or noose.[6]

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Artillery loop
NamesArtillery loop, Artilleryman's knot, Manharness knot,[1] Manharness loop, Harness loop,[2] Harness hitch,[2] Belayer's hitch[3] Douglass knot[4]
RelatedFarmer's loop, Alpine butterfly knot, Span loop, Marlinespike hitch
CaveatMust have load, may slip unexpectedly under tension creating a running knot or noose
ABoK#153, #428, #532,[5] #1050, #1051

Budworth states that this knot is often described as being best suited to take a load on only one of the ends, but reliable information on which end is difficult to find.[7]