Asterix (character)

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Asterix (/ˈæstərɪks/; French: Astérix) is a fictional character and the titular hero of the French comic book series Asterix.[1]

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Publication information
First appearanceAsterix the Gaul (1959)
Created byRené Goscinny
Albert Uderzo
In-story information
Alter egoAstérix (Gaul)
Team affiliationsThe small Gaulish village in Armorica.
AbilitiesAfter drinking a magic potion made by the druid Getafix Superhuman strength
Superhuman durability Superhuman speed
Superhuman reflexes
Superhuman agility
Superhuman endurance
Superhuman stamina
High Intelligence
Master strategist
Expert combatant

The series portrays him as a diminutive but fearless Gaulish warrior living in the time of Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars. Asterix was created in 1959 by writer René Goscinny and illustrator Albert Uderzo. Since then, thirty-five books in the series have been released, with Uderzo taking over writing duties after the death of Goscinny in 1977. Asterix has also appeared in several animated and live-action film adaptations of the series, and serves as the mascot of the amusement park Parc Astérix. Before that, he was also the mascot of the magazine Pilote.