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Athena Tacha

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Athena Tacha (Greek: Αθηνά Τάχα; b. 1936 in Larissa,[1] Greece), is a multimedia visual artist. She is best known for her work in the fields of environmental public sculpture and conceptual art. She also worked in a wide array of materials including stone, brick, steel, water, plants, and L.E.D. lighting. photography, film, and artists’ books. Tacha's work focused on personal narratives, and often plays with geometry and form.

Quick facts: Athena Tacha, Born, Education, Known for...
Athena Tacha
Artist Athena Tacha in front of her 36 Years of Aging, Eclipse Gallery, Arlington, VA, 2008
Born1936 (age 8788)
EducationAthens School of Fine Arts, M.A. in sculpture (1959)
Oberlin College, M.A. in art history (1961)
Sorbonne, Doctorate in aesthetics (1963)
Known forenvironmental sculpture public sculpture, conceptual art

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