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Azes I

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Azes I (Greek: Ἄζης Azēs, epigraphically ΑΖΟΥ Azou; Kharosthi: 𐨀𐨩 A-ya, Aya[1]) was an Indo-Scythian ruler who ruled around c. 48/47 BCE – 25 BCE[2] with a dynastic empire based in the Punjab and Indus Valley,[3] completed the domination of the Scythians in the northwestern Indian subcontinent.

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Azes I
Indo-Scythian king
Coin of Azes I.
Obv: Azes I in military dress, on a horse, with couched spear. Greek legend: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΝ ΜΕΓΑΛΟΥ ΑΖΟΥ "of the Great King of Kings Azes". British Museum.
Reignc. 48/47 – 25 BCE