Battle of Charleroi

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The Battle of Charleroi (French: Bataille de Charleroi) or the Battle of the Sambre, was fought on 21 August 1914, by the French Fifth Army and the German 2nd and 3rd armies, during the Battle of the Frontiers. The French were planning an attack across the Sambre River, when the Germans attacked first, forced back the French from the river and nearly cut off the French retreat by crossing the Meuse River around Dinant and getting behind the French right flank. The French were saved by a counter-attack at Dinant and the re-direction of the 3rd Army to the north-west in support of the 2nd Army, rather than south-west.

Battle of Charleroi
Part of the Western Front of the First World War
Battle of Charleroi
Date21–23 August 1914
Location50°24′N 04°26′E
Result German victory
Flag_of_Germany_%281867%E2%80%931918%29.svg Germany Flag_of_France_%281794%E2%80%931815%2C_1830%E2%80%931974%2C_2020%E2%80%93present%29.svg France
Commanders and leaders
German Empire Karl von Bülow
German Empire Max von Hausen
French Third Republic Charles Lanrezac
French Third Republic Joseph Joffre
2nd Army
3rd Army
Fifth Army
Casualties and losses
11,000 14,275 (10,000 killed, an additional 4,275 missing or wounded) [citation needed]
Charleroi, a city in Wallonia, Hainaut province, Belgium